Neue Panasonic Tesla Batterie kostet 20% weniger!


Der Markt in der E-Mobilität wird über Batteriepreise und Infrastruktur aufgerollt.

Da hat Tesla eindeutig mit Kosten um die $ 111 je KWh für die 2170 Batterie von Panasonic die Nase vorn. LG li3gt da mit $ 148 auf dem 2. Platz.

The Gigafactory 1 cost reductions with the new 2170 battery cells were supposed to enable the $35,000 base price of the Model 3.

It has yet to happen, but it has nonetheless resulted in a significant drop in cost, which is now the leading battery cost, according to a new report from UBS.

They claim to have put a team of engineers together to calculate the cost of battery cells from each of the top manufacturers. They say that the batteries manufactured by Panasonic at Tesla’s Gigafactory 1 are 20 percent more cost efficient than the second best, which are from LG Chem (via Financial Times):

According to the report, Tesla’s battery cell cost is at $111 per kWh and LG Chem is at $148 per kWh.

Tesla recently said that it aims to be at $100 per kWh by the end of the year. The new cost level would enable the production of the standard Model 3 battery pack next year.

Furthermore, Tesla’s President of Automotive, Jerome Guillen, recently said that the company is working on new and improved battery cell design.

Quelle: 30.11.2018, 22:00

– Nov. 20th 2018 11:26 am ET

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